10 best AFLW matches of 2017: Number 5

We now move into the second half of our top 10 AFLW games of 2017 countdown, and coming in at number five is a game that may have had more of an impact on the result of the Grand Final than we initially thought.

As the final round of the AFLW rolled around, Brisbane was already guaranteed a place in the Grand Final, while Carlton was playing for pride.

Carlton came back from 24 points down in the final term to draw with Brisbane. Image: Adam Trafford/AFL Media

If you’d watched the first half, you could’ve never expected what would come in the second half, as the biggest comeback in the AFLW’s first season took place.

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With one eye on the Grand Final, Brisbane was cruising against the Blues at Ikon Park, pushing a nine-point lead out to a comfortable 24-points after Brittany Gibson goaled with only nine minutes remaining in the final term.

It looked as though the Lions were going to waltz to an undefeated season en route to the Granny, but the Blues had other ideas.

It started with Darcy Vescio placing the ball on Sarah Hosking’s chest for a major, and Katie Loynes’ classy gather and goal on the run had reduced the margin to 13 points with five minutes still on the clock.

Rebecca Privitelli was on the receiving end of a 50m penalty to reduce the margin even further, and the game hit fever pitch when the scores were tied with only 25 seconds remaining.

Once again it was Vescio who created the action, passing off to Bianca Jakobsson to kick the simple goal and completing the biggest comeback in the AFLW, and the second draw in the inaugural season.

Though the Lions remained undefeated during the regular season, the way they finished the games against the Blues and the way they started against the Crows the following week has plenty to do with the result of the Grand Final.

All of the highlights from Carlton’s 24-point comeback to draw with Brisbane can be viewed below!

Match report: Miraculous Blues comeback creates draw with Brisbane

Carlton: 1.0, 1.0, 2.0, 6.1 (37)
Brisbane: 0.0, 1.0, 3.3, 5.7 (37)

Carlton: Lauren Arnell, Alison Downie, Sarah Hosking, Katie Loynes, Rebecca Privitelli
Brisbane: Tayla Harris, Emma Zielke, Kate McCarthy, Sabrina Frederick-Traub, Brittany Gibson

Leading disposals
Carlton: Lauren Arnell (16), Brianna Davey (15), Shae Audley (12)
Brisbane: Emily Bates (22), Megan Hunt (19), Sabrina Frederick-Traub/Nikki Wallace/Emma Zielke (12)

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