10 best AFLW matches of 2017: Number 3

We come to the final three games in our countdown of the 10 best AFLW games of 2017, and number three is the first draw in AFLW history.

Both GWS and Fremantle had started 0-2 when they met in the third round, and many expected the Dockers to run away with the contest and get their season back on track.

The Dockers and Giants just barely hung onto each other over four quarters. Image: Matt King/AFL Media

However, the Giants proved they would be no pushovers, giving the Dockers everything they could hand and more in a sensational display of competitive footy.

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Fremantle looked to be churning against the Giants having started the season slowly, holding a nine-point lead at the first break and comprehensively beating GWS all over the field, despite hardly being able to tell which team is which due to the clash ironically created by Fremantle’s clash strip.

The GWS side was wearing white shorts which they can choose to do as the home team, but Fremantle’s away kit also has white shorts, something the Dockers did not prepare for.

Despite it being Fremantle’s problem, the Giants headed into the sheds at quarter time for a quick change and seemed to find their way after donning black bottoms at the quarter time break.

The Giants kept pressing in the second term, though it always felt as though Fremantle was a step ahead and would inevitably run away with the contest.

GWS hit the front in the third term, however, but the dominant Dockers extended the margin back out to 11 points soon before the three quarter-time siren.

But as quick as a sneeze, GWS scored two goals to take the lead early in the final quarter, forcing Fremantle to find yet another gear.

Again the lead changed hands as Fremantle went in front by one straight kick, but the scores would be looked up with three minutes remaining after Aimee Schmidt coolly slotted home a set shot.

The game ended in some controversy with the Giants being awarded a free kick on their forward 50 arc with 50 seconds left, but the ball was not returned to the free kick recipient Britt Tully until there were 24 seconds left because of there being no time on.

The Dockers managed to repel anyway, and we were left with the AFLW’s first draw after 60 minutes of sensational play from both sides.

All the highlight from GWS and Fremantle’s historic draw can be watched below!

Match report: Fremantle and GWS draw in a do-or-die thriller

GWS: 0.0, 2.0, 5.0, 7.1 (43)
Fremantle: 1.3, 3.5, 5.5, 6.7 (43)

GWS: Phoebe McWilliams 2, Ellie Brush, Mai Nguyen, Jacinda Barclay, Stephanie Walker, Aimee Schmidt
Fremantle: Ashley Sharp 3, Kira Phillips, Kara Donnellan, Stacey Barr

Leading disposals
GWS: Emma Swanson (16), Britt Tully (16), Jess Dal Pos (13)
Fremantle: Lara Filocamo (19), Kara Donnellan (16), Kirby Bentley (15)

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