10 best AFLW matches of 2017: Number 10

It’s hard to believe that the inaugural AFLW season concluded nine months ago, and by the time January 1, 2018 comes around, it will have been 282 days since Adelaide claimed victory in the first Grand Final on March 25.

2017 will never be forgotten for its significance in the history women’s footy, and to ring in the new year, we are counting down the 10 best AFLW games from the first season.

Lions and Magpies players compete for the ball in scorching Queensland conditions. Image: Chris Hyde/AFL Media

Though there were only 29 games, there was no shortage of thrilling finishes, and narrowing the list down to just 10 was no simple task.

We hope you’ll join us over the next 10 days as we reminisce about the best games of the inaugural season, beginning with the fiery thriller between the Brisbane Lions and Collingwood Magpies at South Pine Sports Complex.

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Brisbane entered the round three clash undefeated while Collingwood was battling for the chance to remain in contention for the Grand Final, despite it being so early in the season.

Though the match took a while to get going, there was no shortage of highlights as the scorching Queensland heat made the game a battle of determination.

While the commentary in between highlights was nothing to write home about – unless you write home about terrible things – the bursts of brilliance in between passages of physical play were well worth the wait.

The game also included ‘that’ Kate McCarthy goal that made her an instant fan favourite in the competition, and put her in the running for goal of the year. (Which of course was claimed by Erin Phillips, who just wins everything.)

The trading of captain’s goals between Brisbane’s Emma Zielke and Collingwood’s Steph Chiocci just before three-quarter time set the tone for what would be a frantic final term.

Though Sarah D’Arcy closed the margin to just three points with four minutes remaining, the Magpies couldn’t create a genuine scoring chance until the dying seconds of the contest.

With only 21 seconds on the clock at the kick-in following Jessica Wuetschner’s missed chance to put the game to bed, Collingwood raced down the field as the final seconds ticked away.

However, Moana Hope couldn’t glove the mark that would’ve given the Magpies the chance to win after the siren, as Leah Kaslar worked her way to the front of the contest at the crucial moment.

You can watch all the highlights of Brisbane’s thrilling win that knocked Collingwood out of premiership contention in the video below!

Match report: Lions outlast fast-finishing Magpies to win by four points

Brisbane: 1.2, 2.2, 3.2, 4.3 (27)
Collingwood: 0.0, 0.4, 2.4, 3.5 (23)

Brisbane: Kate McCarthy 2, Sabrina Frederick-Traub, Emma Zielke
Collingwood: Jess Duffin, Steph Chiocci, Sarah D’Arcy

Leading disposals
Brisbane: Emma Zielke (14), Sabrina Frederick-Traub (12), Emily Bates (11), Brittany Gibson (11)
Collingwood: Sarah D’Arcy (14), Lauren Tesoriero (14), Nicola Stevens (13)

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