AFLW Draft Combine results

The AFLW Draft Combine results have been released, and we can now analyse the physical efforts of the country’s top draft prospects.

A number of players cemented their status as top draft selections, but two tall players in particular have shot out of nowhere to be in serious contention.

Diamond Creek’s Sophie Abbatangelo further impressed at the Combine. Image: Michael Dodge/AFL Media

Pippa Smyth, who plays out of the Black Diamond league in New South Wales, showed her tremendous athletic capabilities by finishing first in the 20m sprint, second in running vertical jump and fourth in the vertical jump. The ruck option, who is also a personal trainer, will now be on the radar of the GWS Giants.

Emerging Tasmanian tall Loveth Ochayi was the other to shoot out of the box, posting great numbers in all six of the physical tests. She was a relative unknown coming into the draft, but has nominated for the Victorian draft and will ultimately have all four clubs asking questions after her efforts.

Athletic defender-ruck Bridie Kennedy was impressive, topping both the 2km time trial and the Yo-Yo test. She played most of her footy in defence for Cranbourne this year, and is predicted to be an early second-round draft pick.

Sophie Abbatangelo, who is the standout small forward in this draft class, further proved her physical capabilities. She was third in the agility test, fifth in the Yo-Yo test, eighth in the 20m sprint and maybe most impressively, 14th in vertical jump.

Top South Australian prospect Jess Allan did her draft stock no damage, finishing first in both the vertical jump and running vertical jump. She was also sixth in the 20m sprint and 12th in the Yo-Yo, proving why she is predicted to be selected with Adelaide’s first pick.

Jasmyn Hewett, another tall option on Adelaide’s radar, maybe put in the best showing of all at the Combine. She finished top 10 in all six physical tests, including second in the 2km, Yo-Yo and vertical jump tests, and third in the running vertical jump.

Ruby Blair is a player who will be asked to play an immediate role in Brisbane’s line-up, and Lions staff will be over the moon with her showing. She was first in the agility test, ninth in the 20m sprint and 16th in the running vertical jump.

2017 AFLW Phantom Draft: First two rounds


Bridie Kennedy: 7m29
Jasmyn Hewett: 7m40
Haneen Zreike: 7m51
Ashleigh Riddell: 7m54
Loveth Ochayi: 8m02
Courtney Webb: 8m03
Jessica Henning: 8m04
Pippa Smyth: 8m05
Tiahna Cochrane: 8m09
Tahni Nestor: 8m10

Vertical jump
Jessica Allan: 61cm
Jasmyn Hewett: 60
Renee Cowan: 58
Pippa Smyth: 57
Tiahna Cochrane: 54
Ashleigh Riddell: 53
Reni Hicks: 51
Loveth Ochayi: 51
Tayla McAuliffe: 50
Maddy Guerin: 50
Calsita Boyd: 49
Rachel Ashley: 49
Ruth Wallace: 48
Sophie Abbatangelo: 48

Running vertical jump
Jessica Allan: 76
Pippa Smyth: 65
Jasmyn Hewett: 60
Rachel Ashley: 57
Tiahna Cochrane: 56
Darcy Guttridge: 56
Calista Boyd: 55
Kate Bartlett: 55
Renee Cowan: 54
Daria Bannister: 54
Reni Hicks: 53
Brianna Walling: 52
Tayla McAuliffe: 52
Loveth Ochayi: 52
Courtney Webb: 52
Ruby Blair: 51
Maddy Guerin: 51
Bridie Kennedy: 51
Eden Zanker: 51

Smartspeed 20m sprint
Pippa Smyth: 3.24sec
Calista Boyd: 3.30
Renee Cowan: 3.30
Maddy Guerin: 3.32
Loveth Ochayi: 3.33
Jessica Allan: 3.34
Emma Pittman: 3.35
Sophie Abbatangelo: 3.35
Ruby Blair: 3.36
Jasmyn Hewett: 3.39

Yo-Yo test
Bridie Kennedy: 17.3
Jasmyn Hewett: 17.1
Loveth Ochayi: 16.8
Ashleigh Riddell: 16.6
Sophie Abbatangelo: 16.5
Pippa Smyth: 16.4
Haneen Zreika : 16.3
Courtney Webb: 16.3
Ruth Wallace: 16.2
Renee Cowan: 16.1
Maddy Guerin: 16.1
Jessica Allan: 15.8
Georgia Walker: 15.8
Sophie Alexander: 15.8
Tahni Nestor: 15.8

Smartspeed agility
Ruby Blair: 8.495
Daria Bannister: 8.574
Sophie Abbatangelo: 8.681
Darcy Guttridge: 8.723
Renee Cowan: 8.726
Reni Hicks: 8.730
Tahni Nestor: 8.777
Jasmyn Hewett: 8.799
Loveth Ochayi: 8.803
Eden Zanker: 8.810

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