European stars converge for AFL Europe Champions League

Some of the best Australian rules footballers from throughout Europe will converge on Amsterdam on Saturday for the AFL Europe Champions League.

The one day tournament at Sportspark De Eendracht will see 24 teams from 14 different countries battle it out in a total of 60 nine-a-side matches.

Port Malmo is one of the clubs that will compete in the AFL Europe Champions League. Image: Port Malmo Lynx

Five teams will compete in the women’s division including Kate Shierlaw and Lauren Spark’s former club, the Wimbledon Hawks, the Paris Cockerelles of France, Denmark’s Odense Lionesses, Sweden’s Port Malmo Lynx and a mixed team featuring Scottish and extra Wimbledon players.

Speaking on the most recent Girls Play Footy Podcast, Port Malmo’s Stina Nylinder said she’s looking forward to taking on other sides from across Europe.

“I’m beyond excited,” Nylinder said.

“It will be so beautiful to meet other girls playing Australian football.

“We’re just going there to have fun and to have game practice.

“It would be cool if we could win one game or so, but we’ll have fun and spread the footy word.”

For the Lynx, there is limited opportunities to play Aussie rules throughout their part of Europe, but that hasn’t stopped them from recruiting good numbers for a non-Australian side.

“In total we are 20 [girls], and to go to Amsterdam we will be [a squad of] 16.

“We played in the Champions League last year as well and we were only 10.

“So during this year the team has been growing, and it feels nice to actually have subs with us this time.”

Nylinder also pointed some of the star Lynx footballers fans should be keeping an eye out for this weekend.

“We have Hanna Falkenström; she’s the captain of the team and the one that started up the Lynx team. She’s one to look out for.”

“We also have My Almkvist; she’s very strong and has been playing a lot of handball as well.

“I’m quite quick and good to get around players while I have the ball. Dancing around players is my strongest skill.

“And then of course the whole Lynx as a team!”

Like in England and North America, the live streaming of AFLW matches has also inspired Sweden’s Port Malmo Lynx.

“I actually did have the chance and I just love seeing women being able to play football,” Nylinder said.

“It was very cool to see.”

However, now it’s time for Europe’s women’s Aussie rules footballers to be live streamed to the world and for the Australians to watch.

All matches on Pitch One will be live streamed, including two of the round robin women’s matches (9pm-10pm AEDT), the women’s 1st Semi-Final (12.30am AEDT) and the women’s Grand Final (2am AEDT).

Click here for the live stream, and here to view the full fixture!

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