Girls Play Footy launch and introduction

As the development of women’s Australian Rules has increased rapidly in the past 10 years, the level of ability has taken a large step up.

Rather than the sport being seen as just an alternate way to keep fit, women who make the choice to play Aussie Rules at the top level are challenged with developing and maintaining their skills, fitness and football knowledge. It has reached the point that the women playing in top competitions across the country are some of the best athletes in Australia.

Although the level of professionalism has taken a step up within clubs, media coverage and outside interest has hardly seemed to grow.

With the number of women playing Australian Rules increasing every year, those that don their club’s colours and lace up their boots deserve a place to go and find the latest information on major state competitions, as well as read the latest news regarding women involved in all different levels of Aussie Rules.

It is with this that we are incredibly pleased to introduce Girls Play Footy, a news service with the purpose of covering females’ involvement in Australia’s greatest game.

From weekly coverage of competitions around Australia to player interviews, news and opinion pieces, Girls Play Footy will offer a hub for all information regarding women’s footy.

Our goals are simple – we want to celebrate the women who play arguably the hardest and most physical team sport there is, applaud the men and women who dedicate themselves to the growth of women’s footy and increase the interest in competitions all over the country. The amount of effort put into growing Youth Girls football in recent years has been outstanding and we want to be part of growing the senior women’s game, too.

The bigger picture is the national women’s competition that has been given the placeholder year of 2020. Although the year has been set out, a national competition won’t eventuate unless the ability, number of talented players and interest is there.

As mentioned, the ability is continuing to rise and with it is the amount of women capable of playing top-level footy; it’s warming to see so many girls under the age of 18 continue to develop, as showcased in the many Youth Girls competitions around the country and the Youth Girls National Championships held each year.

However, without the outside interest and the public’s ability to keep up with information on the game, it’s likely that a national women’s competition would struggle and possibly topple, if it were to ever eventuate.

What we aim to do is bring together the women who play the game, introduce women playing Aussie Rules to the majority who still aren’t aware that girls play this great game and maybe even get the ball rolling for a national women’s competition.

We are incredibly excited to be launching Girls Play Footy and are sure that the hundreds of thousands of females who play the game – and the many other officials and fans who want to see women’s footy take the next step – will share our enthusiasm.

It’s about time women’s football got the recognition it deserves. It’s time to let the world know that Girls Play Footy.

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